Monday, January 30, 2012

Writing Happy & Martha gets a real job

There is something to be said about being happy and being quiet. For me, a happy mind is a calm, peaceful one; I live in the moment and accept the contentment of the day. I don't have to tell myself stories to make it through the figurative or literal snow and rain. While always optimistic when I am truly happy, I am also quiet. And I probably sigh, you know the good sigh that comes from deep within and has a bit of a high pitched squeak to it, a lot.


I've been happy lately and of course I am not complaining. I have wonderful family and friends and I have met a lovely young man who makes me giggle and feel special. I even got a job! A real one! In publishing! As Production Editor for a small Canadian publishing company located here in Halifax, I get to keep editorial and production projects on track and in doing so get an insider's view to the entire process from idea to book in hand. I even have some of my own editorial projects, more in the upcoming season, and I am delighted to work with authors and see a story come to life. It really is delightful.


And I feel like a bit of a cliche - writer can't make it as a writer so she becomes an editor?

Please pray for me that this is not my fate - please pray that I may provide guidance to wayward writers and in turn help bring my own stories to Can Lit Magazines and Anthologies - dare I dream big?

I've been missing my own stories, so caught up in the real life peace and happy and quiet of my world at the moment. I may have to do something dreadfully dramatic if only to write about it. I promise not to start fires.

Who really wants to read about happy beginnings, middles and endings? 

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